BunkerHead Combo - No Touch Facemask System - Real Tree Max 4 - Cotton

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The only hunting facemask that provides complete facial camouflage in total comfort.

BunkerHead Combo - No Touch Facemask System - Real Tree Max 4 - Cotton

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Perfect for field activities like hunting or water activities like fishing, the BunkerHead No Touch Facemask System has three parts consisting of:

1) A set of elastic-tethered Bunker Clips which quickly and simply connect to the bill of any baseball-style cap and serve as the receiver for the facemask and Hoodie attachments, and also serve independently to holster sunglasses to the cap, to secure natural vegetation for a leafy 3D appearance, or to hold extra fishing lures

2) The No Touch Facemask attachment, which is the only hunting facemask that provides complete facial camouflage in total comfort because it doesn't touch your face and is infinitely shapeable to any desired position

3) The Hoodie attachment which wraps around to cover the ears and neck and is used in combination with the Facemask attachment to provide the highest level of head camouflage as well as added comfort in windy or cold hunting environments.

The BunkerHead Facemask system is the most comfortable and versatile facemask I’ve ever come across. I love the fact that the face mask doesn’t touch my face! I also love the fact that I can choose to cover my whole head, or just my face, depending on the particular hunting condition. There is no other face mask out there that compares with the comfort or versatility of the BunkerHead.
Greg, Scottsbluff Nebraska

I love my BunkerHead face mask. Although it’s totally different from any facemask I’ve ever worn before, it didn’t take me long to figure out how perfectly adaptable it is to every hunting situation! It’s so comfortable because nothing touches my face which means I’m not constantly tugging and scratching like I did with the other face masks I’ve worn. The BunkerHead is the last face mask I’ll ever buy!
Richard, Houston Texas
The BunkerHead FaceMask System is ingenious! I do all kinds of hunting, including duck, deer, turkey, and varmint. I hunt in all sorts of weather conditions including hot and very cold. The BunkerHead System offers the right camouflage patterns, and the right fabric, for all of my hunting situations. And, I can hunt with a shotgun, rifle or bow! If you are looking for comfort and versatility, I highly recommend that you give the BunkerHead System a try.
Kevin, Raleigh North Carolina
BunkerHead is awesome! No more gross uncomfortable face masks for me! I never hunt without my BunkerHead!
Quinn, Houston Texas
There is no longer a good reason NOT to wear a face mask! For years I refused to wear face masks because they are so horribly uncomfortable and gross. The BunkerHead Face Mask System has solved those problems and now I ALWAYs wear a face mask. Even when I’m hunting out of a blind, the face mask keeps my nose warm without touching my face! I especially like the fact that it doesn’t cause my glasses to fog up!
Jim, Port Arthur Texas


• Can be used as Facemask only, or Facemask and Hoodie combination, for unmatched versatility to customize head coverage for all types of hunting conditions

• Bunker Clip elastic tether can be used to hold sunglasses, natural vegetation for 3D leafy cap look, and fishing lures

• Can be used on any baseball-style cap - one size fits all

• Available in a variety of camouflage patterns and fabrics

• Wire components made of stainless steel to prevent rusting

• Facemask won't fog up eyeglasses or hunting optics

• Sewn Velcro tabs provided to connect the Hoodie and facemask attachments together when desired

• Works equally well hunting with rifle, bow, or shotgun